Purple Unstitched Dress Material

Plum Purple Viscose Pashmina With Heavy Embroidery Work Jacquard Unstitched Dress Material

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Festive Winter Collection Viscose Pashmina Exclusive Heavy Embroidery Work Dress Material With Pashmina Twill Jacquard Dupatta

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Radiant Sophistication Redefined:
Embrace the allure of sophistication and grace with our unstitched dress material curated from the finest fabrics. The? Viscose Pashmina Jacquard Twill top, adorned with intricate heavy embroidery work spanning 3.10 meters, embodies timeless beauty. Paired harmoniously with a? Viscose Pashmina Twill Jacquard Shawl (2.40 meters) and a 3-meter bottom, this ensemble sets the stage for a masterpiece tailored to your unique style, radiating refined elegance.

Styling Tips: Let your ears do the talking with chandelier earrings in cascading silver or gold chains, echoing the intricacy of the embroidery. Elevate your silhouette with strappy metallic sandals in silver or gold. Choose pointed heels for a classic touch or platform sandals for a touch of contemporary flair.

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